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The Donate Now link comes up with "Where most needed" as default.  Should it not be AKP?

If you have difficulty with any part of the American Kestrel Partnership's website, community or data apps, this is the group where you can ask for assistance.

If you are a member of the beta test team, please post your problems and suggestions in the AKP Software Testing group.

Thank you.


[Archive post from old site - Original author: Matt Giovanni]

KestrelCams and nestcams: guidelines


<p>The goal of the American Kestrel Partnership&rsquo;s KestrelCams is to stream live, high quality video onto the internet for sharing the fascinating behaviors of nesting American Kestrels with viewers worldwide. Please note that development and maintenance of the KestrelCams is a technologically complex process requiring significant investment in hardware, software, time, and money, such that nestcams of this capacity are typically not realistic for residential use.