General Discussion : How to ask for assistance

If you have difficulty with any part of the American Kestrel Partnership's website, community or data apps, this is the group where you can ask for assistance. Simply create a new post in this group.

In order to assist you efficiently, we will need specific information in all requests:

  1. Which operating system (Windows, Mac, iOS) and web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer) you are using. Version numbers are also needed.
  2. Specific error messages you have encountered
  3. What page or app the error occurred in.
  4. What were you trying to do at the time of the problem?
  5. A screen capture showing the problem or error would be very helpful! You can attach it to your post in the website assistance group.

Screenshot tools:

If you know of screen capture tools or methods for Android tablets or Chromebooks, please share them by posting a comment below.

Posted in General Discussion by Administrator - The Peregrine Fund 8 years 11 months ago.