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This is my third year for a nest box and second year with nesting kestrels. The first year I battled with starlings and finally gave up and took the nest down. Last year 5-6 chicks fledged and the pair are back this year.


I noticed that the kestrel cam stopped updated. It's supposed to be streaming live, now, according to the message but it isn't.

If you posted anything in the original Partner Network that you'd like to keep, here is how to do it.

I had a nest last year in my first box - pretty exciting. In the fall I took it down and cleaned it - left in garage all winter. A couple days a go it was nice so I put it up around 11am. Too my great surprise a pair had assumed ownership by 4pm.

Common kestrel (Falco tinnunculus) nest in a 10th floor window, with the first egg layed two days ago. It's their second season in this window, last year they had five chicks, all well raised.

Budapest, Hungary

I have a kestrel box that was used for several years. Last year it was not used and no kestrels were seen in the area. Has anyone tried using decoys (kestrels, mice, snakes or small birds) to try to attract them.

Check it out!
I will be giving a talk about the AKP in Petoskey, MI! If you happen to be in that area, I hope to see you there!

I am hoping someone can give me some guidance on how close I can safely place Kestrel nest boxes to Bald Eagle or Red-tailed Hawk nests.