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My apologies I am new to this group-I couldn't figure out how to post a report.  I saw the male chick take a chunk out of the lower cavity of the box and held it in his beak for awhile.  I hope he didn't eat it and if so, it doesn't hurt him!

I noticed that one of the female fledglings has left the nest to venture out on her own. This has been in the last couple of house. All four were in the next this morning just at 0700. It won't be long before all are out. 

I'm wondering how all of the young Kestrels get to eat when the larger ones stay in the window and usually are the ones being fed when mom brings food.  How do the smaller ones get to eat?

Does anyone know approximate dates of nest initiation and hatching for kestrels in northwest Wyoming? 

looks like a bird

The male chick had a less than graceful entry into the outside world. He leaned out. One wing out, another wing out & then whoops! Out he went.

Our kestrel parents are staying really busy, keeping their five chicks fed. We see a variety of things being brought in, mostly birds, though we did see Pa kestrel bring in a snake.