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A neighbor is training to become a falconer and recently caught a juvenile kestrel from a family of kestrels across the road from us to begin her training.

In today's Kestrel News, a female kestrel recieved a wing prosthetic to improve her balance and quality of life.

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The Brandywine Zoo, an AKP partner, posted this fairly recently: [link to page]

My wife doesn't like to see her acrophobic septuagenarian husband on a ladder struggling to attach a kestrel nest box to a utility pole, and I don't like it, either.

I spotted this local news article about American Kestrels, talking about the Kestrel's impact on grasshoppers.

American Kestrels in the Northern Hemisphere migrate to the tropics or subtropics.  However, we do not know much about the life of a kestrel on their wintering grounds!

Hola a todos!
Ahora que es agosto, estaremos analying datos Nidal para este año! Así que asegúrese de obtener sus datos en cuando se puede!

Hello everyone!
Now that it is August, we will be analying nestbox data for this year!  So be sure to get your data in when you can!