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The past couple of days have seen a marked increase in kestrel activity in and around the nest box.

We've had some reports of Kestrel activity on and around a previously unused nest box that we set over a year ago. There seem to be a pair perching and hunting on and around this box.

Here is an article that the magazine, Kentucky AField did on the American Kestrels and inside is an interview with Sarah Schulwitz, the director of the AKP.

Yay! First sighting of the male back to the box. I'm assuming that this is the same guy as last year. Is there any way to tell (did not get to band the adults last year)? Match spot patterns on the back with photos from last year? 

So do the 2018 observations go on the same form with the 2017 observations or is there a way to start a new form?


The data entry apps are currently unavailable due to server maintenance. They will be restored as soon as possible.

Hi there!   I have discovered a fascinating site about New York City American Kestrels

Hello all,

Well, beloved spouse Randy and I have mounted 2 nest boxes which Randy made in his work shop using the Art Gingert design. The boxes are beautiful, bulky and weigh between 12 and 15 pounds.

Does the Peregrine Fund have a recommended Kestrel nest box design?  I'm sure I can find resources on line, but though I'd check first to see if you have recommendations.  Also, how large a field is required to attract and sustain a pair of Kestrels? 

Hi, I am new to this group. I joined because I wanted to share something we have done to make our kestrels happier and stick around more. I hope this hasn’t already been posted before.