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Well, folks, today was the day!  I have met little miss Sienna, the youngest of the American Kestrels at the University of Minnesota Raptor Center.

Hi everyone, I would like to know what kind of camera do you use in the nest boxes? and what recommendations can you give me.

"Our" Kestrels (in Benicia, CA, in the San Francisco Bay Area) hatched around May 10th, and the adults have been regularly bringing food, etc. The chicks are now quite vocal, but are not yet peaking out of the box.

I am noticing that right after the young Kestrels fledge they seem to leave the area. I rarely see any young or adults

around the boxes and am interested if some of you notice the same thing.

Came home today to find an empty box!  My female 27- and male 28-day old kestrel chicks have done their thing and flown the coop. Nothing left in the box but the limp south-bound end of a once north-bound lizard.

We are past the mid-point of the Central Oregon Kestrel season. We have 11 boxes yet to band and the last two will be on July 20. We have had 52 active boxes, which is about average for us.

We at Prescott Audubon Society and Prescott Creeks Partnership in Prescott AZ have four active kestrel nest boxes in our first season of our project.

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