Partnership Documents : American Kestrels: A Guide to Biology and Nest Box Monitoring

Click the file below for the American Kestrel Partnership's guide to American Kestrel biology and monitoring! It contains everything any partner would need to get started in monitoring a kestrel nest box to help with the AKP's research.

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This was so helpful! I thought I had read somewhere that pine chips are preferred nesting material, but this guide specifically says to avoid it. What is actually preferred?

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While some species of pine are safe, others contain oils that are toxic to many animals. If you wish to use pine, I would do a bit of research and ensure that the kind of pine you are getting is one that is nontoxic to animals. Red pine trees tend to be the toxic ones, while some types of white pine are okay.

I wrote it into the guide to avoid pine just to avoid any accidental toxic wood use.
I hope that clears it up!

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Posted in Partnership Documents by Delorahilleary 2 years 1 month ago.