: Partnership Documents

This is a repository of documents provided by the American Kestrel Partnership.

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Group articles

Instructions on how to upload kestrel nest box observations onto the AKP website.

Need funding for your nestboxes?

A single data sheet to record data for multiple kestrel nest boxes.

Earlier nesting by generalist predatory bird is associated with human responses to climate change

Shawn H. Smith, Karen Steenhof , Christopher J.W. McClure, and Julie A. Heath

Journal of Animal Ecology, 2016

American Kestrels Actively Exclude European Starlings from Using a Nest Box

Christopher J.W. McClure, Delora M. Hilleary, and D. Paul Spurling

Journal of Raptor Research, 2015

Volume 49, Issue 2, 231-233

Nest box use by American Kestrels and other cavity-nesting birds during the nonbreeding season 

Caitlin M. Davis, Julie A. Heath, and Christopher J. W. McClure

Avian Conservation and Ecology, 2017

Volume 12, Issue 2, Article 5

From a new study published in the December 2017 issue of Journal of Raptor Research authors Christopher

Two Internships for Credit Offered by The Peregrine Fund’s Global Raptor Impact Network & American Kestrel Partnership

We have made some updates to our data sheet and monitoring instructions in 2017.

Since the year 2004 I’ve used several variations of cameras to inspect the contents of large nest boxes that were not easily accessible without the use of a ladder.