Two of Four Boxes Used

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Rick Folkening
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Two of Four Boxes Used

I installed 4 A. Kestrel boxes this year for the first time near New Palestine IN.  So far two are being used. The one which seems like it is a poor location, across the street from a Get-Go gas station has a pair and 7 eggs.  I'm estimating hatch date around 12 April.  The other box doesn't have eggs as of 2 days ago but a pair has been active around it for a week, with both birds in the box occasionally and the wood chips have an indentation ready for eggs I hope!!


Nu-Sun Cinema
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Wow Rick,

We have been studying Kestrels for over 10 years and 4-5 eggs is normal for us.

7 eggs, must be a job for ma and pa to keep all fed. Good luck.

Have a great day, Nu-Sun Cinema, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Glad to see people out their having success!  I wonder if this could be a case of another female kestrel egg dumping?