Kestrels nesting in the Wild

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Kestrels nesting in the Wild

I have been following a pair of Kestrels since April 19.  An Excel spreadsheet (or PDF File) with all my observations with links to eBird Checklists is available.

The Kestrel Pair had their nest in an Old Maple Tree at 42 feet above the ground

Except for one sighting last Tuesday, July 21st, they have not been in the nest since July 16th.

I have no sign of nestlings.

Attached are 4 photos, the Old Maple Tree seen from North and the prairie at (East) with at left 4 dead trees where the perch, the Old Maple Tree seen from North-West, the entrance to the Nest cavity in the tree, and a Male outside the Nest (image from a Video).

Would appreciate contact with Partners having their Kestrels in the Wild.

I also would appreciate if a Partner had information about the frequency (time of the day) in and out of the nest during a typical day during incubation of the eggs and after hatching during the care of the nestlings.