Kestrel Migration from Suthern California

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Kestrel Migration from Suthern California

I have a kestrel bird house that had 5 fledglings this year.  they have now dsipersed. This birdhouse is lcated in the prime Desert Woodland in Lancaster Ca.  Will the kestrels stay here year around or wil they migrate?   Also have cleaned out the birdhouse an added new nesting material and reinstalled the house - will he kestrels use this house again this year?

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Typically American Kestrels do not migrate from mid and far southern areas.
They usually have 1 brood a year. But remember the Kestrels do not read the stats and anything is possible.
During our 8 years of  studies they have surprised us several times. So some things are not carved in stone.
For more info about our studies link to our Kestrel Korner.

Have a nice day, Nu-Sun Cinema Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada