Entering Missing Data from 2020

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Entering Missing Data from 2020

 I noticed an important observation was missing from one of the nests that I installed and monitor in AZ (HRWA #1). It was occupied with 5 ~21 day old nestlings on 6/25/2020. Every time I try to enter the observation it rejects the date as invalid. Maybe because it won't let me enter previous year obs???  I don't understand how it disappeared but I KNOW I entered it along with a follow up visit to see if they had all fledged, which they did. How do I add those observations from 2020? I'd sure appreciate the help. 

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Thanks for reaching out, and sorry to hear you're having trouble—we'll be happy to help figure this out. You can absolutely submit observations from prior years, so that shouldn't be causing the problem here. It's possible your original observations are still in our database and not just showing up on your account for some reason, which would explain why the system isn't letting you re-enter them and showing the date as invalid.

Please capture a screenshot of the error message you're seeing and either post it here, or preferably send it to us at kestrelpartnership@peregrinefund.org. This will be a big help to our IT folks in trying to see exactly what's going wrong. Thank you!

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