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Nu-Sun Cinema
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Hi All,

Our 2022 Kestrel season is about to begin. Our nest boxes are up and the cameras installed.This year we will have 3 HD live stream views on our nest boxes. Inside top,side and new for this year an outside camera.We will keep you posted on the arrival and when we start our LIVE STREAM. Link to http://www.nu-sun.com/html/kestrel_korner.html

Our seminar season is also about to start. This year we are helping youth with the WILD OUTSIDE PROGRAM which is part of the Canadian wildlife Federation. These youth are studying to be biologists, conservation officers, veterinarians and other parts of wildlife sustainability. We are looking forward to working with them. One of our seminars will be at our 1 acre Kestrel Research Center this will also include Dr. James Duncan world renound bioligist know for his study of owls. He will also be accompanied by Patsy Duncan (biologist) and Rusty the Long-Eared Owl. (one of their ambassadors).

Looking ahead this is going to be a very busy season for us and we are loving it !!

Hope all are doing well and have a great day,
Nu-Sun Cinema
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


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Sounds like an exciting year! Best of luck this season—we're looking forward to seeing your livestream and seeing your data over the next few months. Thanks for representing Manitoba, and for helping to teach the next generation of conservation professionals :)

AKP Staff