2018 AKP T-shirts: Ready to Order!! (customink.com/fundraising/kestrel-2018)

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Sarah Schulwitz
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2018 AKP T-shirts: Ready to Order!! (customink.com/fundraising/kestrel-2018)

Howdy partners! We JUST launched our 2018 T-shirt campaign and we wanted our partners to be the first to find out! Check out the great T's - which come in several styles and colors, including unisex, women's cuts, and baseball T! 

One thing we love about kestrels, is that people in many places across the Americas can see them. This year's shirt highlights the many names people call them across two continents! With this shirt, not only will you look great and be supporting kestrel conservation, but you also might learn something new!

Purchase T's to support kestrels: customink.com/fundraising/kestrel-2018


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