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Came home today to find an empty box!  My female 27- and male 28-day old kestrel chicks have done their thing and flown the coop. Nothing left in the box but the limp south-bound end of a once north-bound lizard. I am posting a photo of the newly fledged female, sporting a band on her left leg, and a photo of the pair as they appeared yesterday morning in the box. What a difference a day makes. I am logging this as a successful rearing! Hope they do OK from here on out since we will not be able to follow them as closely now.

Best wishes to all of you who have chicks yet to fledge and who guard them with positive thoughts and well wishes. Hope we get to do this again next year.


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Indeed, there is not much to do now aside from clean the nest box and wait for the next breeding season! Congrats on the successful fledging :)

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Thanks, Delora! Thanks also for the super-great help and advice you've provided for our first year of nest box stewardship. Look forward to doing it again next year if the kestrels grace us with their presence! --Laura

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Posted in General Discussion by NM-Kestrel-Laura 10 months 6 days ago.