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In January I noticed some Kestrel activity around my nest box so I decided to take it down and change out the wood shavings.  While taking it down an egg dropped out and broke.  Not knowing what to do we changed out the nest material and put the box back up but then we saw no more activity around the nest.  The Kestrels were in the area and we saw them everyday but they quit coming to the nest.  Fast forward a few months my wife and I were gone for a month and when we got back I could see activity in and out of the nest.  I now have 4 chicks about to fledge.  This is my 4th year that I have been successful with at least 4 chicks each of those years. The nest box is on the east side of my house and when I go out to check on the nest the male and female keep a close tab on my activity.


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Glad you have successes! For next time, I recommend to not touch the nest bedding when there is eggs in the nest box. Be sure to have the nest box cleaned before or after the season starts!

Hooray for four nestlings, however! Congrats!

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