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Does the Peregrine Fund have a recommended Kestrel nest box design?  I'm sure I can find resources on line, but though I'd check first to see if you have recommendations.  Also, how large a field is required to attract and sustain a pair of Kestrels?  I'm planning ahead for next year.


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Hi, copenhvr - check out page 2 of the Partnership Documents in 'Groups', where there are plans available.

Also:  if an open field has grass, plants, etc. less than 10 inches high, and lots of insects (grasshoppers, dragonflies especially) and some mice running around kestrels should be very happy birds.  

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Hi Jill - Thanks for the link to the plans.  I have lots of grasshoppers and voles, but I don't keep my field cut that short, so it probably isn't suitable.  Right now (due for it's annual cutting) it's predominantly 4-5 ft tall goldenrod, with areas of shorter milkweed, dogbane, vetch, and grass.  I don't really want to cut 3 or 4 times a year to keep it under 10 inches.

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The kestrels may come anyhow - you've got a buffet!  :)

Maybe it doesn't have to be average 10 inches.  I don't know where I heard that.....  

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