General Discussion : I wore my AKP shirt from 2016 to a big event!

Hi there!  Recognize the cool American Kestrel Partnership shirt from last year?  I wore it today to the 33rd anniversary peregrine falcon banding at the City Center in downtown Minneapolis, and one of the hosts of the program recognized it, she has one herself!  Anyway, a little tiercel (male) and two little falcons (female) got their bands today in the center court while the hot sun shone down through the 20th floor windows.

We also saw the lovely Artemis, a peregrine falcon ambassador from the Raptor Center.  Her naturalist told us about peregrines, she posed for the phone cams, flapped her wings and got a little snack - a whole chicken chick, which she ate with relish before our eyes.

Some tiercel trivia I found out today - peregrines will kill for prime real estate.....   oooh!

Had a great time and wore a great shirt, my dears!  Now back to my first love, American Kestrels.  They could fledge any day now!

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Posted in General Discussion by Jill from MN 8 months 3 weeks ago.