Partnership Documents : AKP's Monitoring Instructions & Data Collection Sheet, Updated 2017

We have made some updates to our data sheet and monitoring instructions in 2017. We clarified some items in the instructions and made some visual updates, ensuring that what is on the data sheet lines up with the information that is asked for by our data apps. If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to shoot us a message at any time!


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Hello, Delora-- I’ve been entering my nest box data via the online form. I just noticed that there are additional things on your new data sheet that are not represented on the online form. Are we supposed to fill out both, the online form and the data sheet. Then email the data sheet to you? Also, the instructions say to take a photo each time you monitor. Got 2 questions related to that: 1. If I’m using a nest box video camera, how often should I get a still image to send you? 2. How are those images to be transferred in to the scientists--email? Dropbox? This could get to be too voluminous to send via email.  OK, apologies if I’ve missed this information on your site somewhere and now are pestering with all these questions. I’d like to provide useful data for you all and clearly I’m a bit confused about the details! (apologies for also sending these questions via email to the kestrelpartnership@ address, but not sure how best to reach)

Thanks for your time! --Laura

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I cannot find a pace to enter my nest box data.


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Leo,  When you're logged in here you should see a section titled "Enter your data" at the top of the Research menu. Click Dashboard in that section to get started. Or, use this link:

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