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Can sand be used as bedding material?


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It could be, but I would recommend against it. Kestrels do a lot of scraping around before they lay eggs, and the sand would easily fall out of the drainage holes and leave the bottom bare. I had a similar experience when I put in finer wood chips than I usually did. I had to refill the box.

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Thanks for the info.

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As to our knowledge in the earlier part of our 7 year + studies of the American Kestrels we have learned nest box materials such as sand or saw dust are inappropriate for nest box media.

The reasoning behind this is due to fine particles that may enter the nostrils of the adult and hatch-lings kestrels may be harmful.

The best is clean course wood shavings, excelsior, or wood wool, (aspen/pine mix has been our choice) and has worked well.

We hope this helps you in your endeavors, you can see on Kestrel story on our web site page

Thank you, Nu-Sun Cinema, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


below a photo of excelsior or wood wool


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Thank you; got some pine shavings.  

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Thank you all for the info on bedding material for Kestrel nest boxes; I did use pine wood shavings.  Nest box is in a desert preserve in Lancaster, California ( see 2 images ). Keep everyone posted on what happens.

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