In response to long-term population declines of kestrels in North America, The Peregrine Fund's American Kestrel Partnership is unifying the data-generating capacity of citizen scientists with the research expertise of professional scientists to advance conservation of the American Kestrel.

This page is used for announcements from the Partnership. Our partners may post content in the topic-specific discussion groups.

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There is now a group especially for sharing and discussing photos and other art featuring American Kestrels.

Welcome to the American Kestrel Partnership website.

We will be providing several reference links and other information to help you get started in this new system. As they are ready, links will be added to this page.

The struggle to raise young is difficult for wild animals, especially for birds of prey.  For raptors, it is not uncommon for the youngest chick in a brood to die.

Welcome to the new website!  This is a collection of changes that you may need to know in moving from the old website to the new one. More may noted down the line.  We hope that these changes help streamline things for all of you!


General Discussion

General Discussion

This is the main community site for the American Kestrel Partnership. This site is intended to foster discussion amongst partners. Feel free to discuss anything about kestrels, nestboxes, or the Partnership here. 

The community site is monitored intermittently by AKP staff members. If you have a question for an AKP staff member, please send an email directly to