The Kestrel Collection: photos and art : AMERICAN KESTREL

Here are some photos of our group, doing what Kestrels do. Nu-Sun Cinema


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These are great photos!! Thanks for posting!

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Small nestbox, but better than none and yeah they can't wait to get out and about! Another success story. 

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Sorry for the delay in our reply. The nest box is of old design & have been updated.

Visit our you-tube page for kestrel videos

and our web site for our live Kestrel stream.

Thank you, Nu-Sun Cinema

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I noticed the nestbox roof has some kind of intersting material on it (perhaps for greater durability), what is it? 

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Sorry again for the late reply.

Yes the roof on both of our nest boxes is an acylic stucco which is very water proof and durable. Our 2 new boxes have the same.

Visit our you-tube page and our web site.

Thank you, Nu-Sun Cinema


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