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I followed a recent report of a Kestrel family in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.  Two adults and 3 young'uns.  The juvis had fledged by the time I saw the report but went for a look anyway.  No sign of any Kestrels in the vicinity.  So I went for a drive of the area, knowing a few open field spots and found this guy hunting.  I also found a female across the road on a lamp post.  I will try to keep an eye out for these birds since they are close to my work.  I am new to this site and unsure how to report birds. 


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Hello R. Mueller!  That's a lovely photo!
Welcome to the site, we are glad to have you!  This site primarily involves collecting observations from known nest sites, and the fact that you have kestrels in your area may mean that you have nest sites nearby as well.
One option is to set up a nest box or two that is easily accessible to you - you may very well find yourself with a nesting pair!  There is also the possibility of tracking down the nesting cavity that the reported juveniles came from - though that may be a more difficult undertaking.
I am glad to hear that there are kestrels in your area!

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