American Kestrel Partnership : Share your kestrel photos and art!

There is now a group especially for sharing and discussing photos and other art featuring American Kestrels. So, upload your photos, nestcam frames, sketches, paintings and more to The Kestrel Collection!

If you want to share a photo for scientific purposes instead, perhaps to ask "How old are the nestlings in this photo?" please post those in an appropriate project group. Basic questions are best in the General Discussion group.

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Dkey612's picture

We have a Kestrel nest box we have installed on our property.  We have had a pair of Kestrels nest in there for the last 2 years.  The first year we saw 3 Kestrels fladge from the box, the 2nd year there appeared to be 4.  We have encouraged our neighbobrs to build nest boxes also to help the Kestresl and to help keep the rodent population down.  There is a real vole problem in this area.  I have shared this picture with my neighbors to show them what good little exterminators the American Kestrels are.  I have included this image I took of a male American Kestrel with a vole. 

I was not sure if I should have my watermark on my image or not so I submitted it both ways. 
Which do you prefer, with or without the watermark?

Dawn Key

Elizabeth, CO

Delorahilleary's picture

Beautiful photos! I always encourage a watermark just to prevent images from being stolen. You never know with the internet!

Smith2190's picture

I just put up my first Kestrel nest box yesterday.  Hope it is selected next spring as a nest site.  We can watch it from our back porch and there will be limited human traffic.  My wife walks by twice a day to feed our 2 miniature horses.  Hope to have some feathers to add to the data base.  

Bob Smith, Prescott, AZ

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