American Kestrel Partnership : New Website Launch Notes and Adjustments

Welcome to the new website!  This is a collection of changes that you may need to know in moving from the old website to the new one. More may noted down the line.  We hope that these changes help streamline things for all of you!

  • Nest bedding and predator guard options have been standardized, so your nest data may reflect this change. Predator guard options will need to be selected from the list of options next time each nest is edited.
  • Before you can post in a group, you must join it (subscribe). To join a group, click the blue “Subscribe to group” button in the right column of the group’s page.
  • Nest bedding has been altered to fit a specific list.
  • All measurements use the same units! Box height off ground must be entered as inches or centimeters; feet are not allowed.
  • Internet Explorer cannot currently be used with the data apps. It works fine for the other parts of the site. We are working to diagnose and resolve the problem. For now, we recommend using Chrome or Firefox. They can be downloaded free of charge:
  • If you have difficulties during the account activation process, you can start over by going to and entering your username OR the email address you use for your account.
  • User names containing certain special characters (like “&”) or diacritics (like é or ö) have been altered to match system requirements. Look closely at the activation email to see if your username has been changed.

See anything else you have noticed?  Feel free to comment below! If you require website assistance, you may subscribe and post to the website assistance forum (click for link)

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