Why band birds?

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Matt Giovanni
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Why band birds?

Bird banding data are useful in both research and management projects. Individual identification of birds makes possible studies of dispersal and migration, behavior and social structure, life-span and survival rate, reproductive success and population growth.


Jim Bean
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We are interested in banding our birds and eventually sampling blood / feathers for possible issues but need to have a path for processing samples / data.  Long term plans.   30 boxes up now and hope to place more this year.

Chris McClure
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Hi Jim,

Thanks for your comment! We've begun discussions with the folks at USGS and the Fish and Wildlife Service regarding a study of the effects of poisons on kestrels, but we won't have any protocols ready for at least another year. Once we have everything hammered out we'll provide detailed information regarding the hypotheses we plan to test, the analyses we plan to perform, and the protocols that need to be followed. Stay tuned!

Banding data will certainly be useful. If there is enough partner interest we could build a portal on the website where folks could enter banding data. If you get a banding operation set up before that, we could provide you with a spreadsheet for your data that you could just email to us at the end of the season. 

If you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email at cmcclure@peregrinefund.org. Have a great summer, and thanks for helping beta test the new website!