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Setting up a Team

Hi all, and thanks in advance!

We are a new community-based kestrel monitoring project in Arizona. Our 23 boxes were installed between last November and February, and each box has been visited at least once. No nesting indications yet, but I'm excited to hear what my monitors might find in the next week! We've kept track of data on spreadsheets, and have just begun the process of entering data. 

I'm writing because I'm having trouble getting a Team set up. Can someone help me find where I can set this up? I've clicked through all of the pages and haven't had any luck finding a solution. Do I need to wait for my box records to be approved (they're currently displaying a "pending" indicator) before I can share them with other team members? Did I need to set up a team leader account for myself? What am I missing?

Thanks much!

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We responded separately to your e-mail, but we'll put this information here for public viewing too. We have to create the team on our end and set you up as the team leader. Once this is done, you can add other team members and assign them nest boxes. We've done this for your team, and it should be ready to go. Let us know if you run into any issues!

We certainly hope you have better results on your next round of nest checks, but don't get too discouraged if you have low box occupancy this year. It often takes 2-3 years before American Kestrels start using new boxes, so your numbers will likely go up in future years.

Thank you so much for your participation in the American Kestrel Partnership!

AKP Staff