Recaptured Kestrel Maryland

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Recaptured Kestrel Maryland

Starting in 2019 I have been road trapping Kestrels as well as Red Shouldered Hawks and Red Tailed Hawks in southern Maryland January-March to gain a better understanidng of our local populations and to see if birds use the same wintering grounds year after year.  Today I recaptured a male kestrel that I originally banded on Feb 18 2019! This has been my first recapture of any species since I started this project in Jan 2019!  This male was recaptured about 500 yards from his original banding location and the landowners did not have any kestrel sightings through the spring or summer in 2019.  This bird likely is breeding somewhere farther north but favors this farm for its wintering grounds.  Pretty fun day today!  Unfortunately I have not had anyone else recapture any of the birds I have banded but fingers crossed one of my banded birds will end up in someones nest box!