plywood for nest boxes?

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plywood for nest boxes?

Is 3/4" exterior plywood acceptable for use in constructing kestrel nest boxes?

Ed Michael

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That would depend on the type of exterior plywood. We recommend using only untreated wood for constructing kestrel boxes, as there is concern that chemicals used in the production of treated wood can causes adverse health effects for the occupants. Pressure-treated plywood should not be used for this reason, but other exterior plywood types may be acceptable. We'd recommend you look into how the plywood you have in mind was produced—if there's any sort of chemical weatherproofing process, we would advise you to seek an alternative.

Thanks for reaching out, and hope that answers your question!

AKP Staff

Nu-Sun Cinema
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Hi Edwin,

The best to use for nest boxes is a solid pine or cedar (ceedar has natural protection from insects and weather). From my many years as a cabinet maker I have found that many plywoods may have toxic glues to laminate the layers together. I would definatly do some research on the plywood you intend to purchase. We agree with the cautions that Matthew stated.

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