New Kestrel Nest boxes needed!

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Holly Thompson
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New Kestrel Nest boxes needed!

Hello Kestrel friends,

Edit:  Good news!  A GoFundMe campaign and the generosity of True Value Hardware made the purchase of materials possible!  Eight kestrel boxes have been funded,  and hopefully more can be built next year.  Thank you to our generous donors.

We have been watching a series of 18 to 25 Kestrel nest boxes in S. Central Illinois for 20 years.  Yes. 20 years.  They were placed by a retired school teacher, Thomas May.  However, he unfortunately passed away last year.  Since then, the Lincoln Land Association of Bird Banders has taken over the monitoring of these nests.  The boxes have deteriorated over the years and a young lady has established the renovation and reconstruction as her Esgle Scout project.  Please help Ryli raise money to buy the lumber and other supplies needed:

Thank You!  The Kestrels of Central Illinois thank you!