new kestrel house mount

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new kestrel house mount

i would like input on if i have any chance of getting a kestrel if i mount the house in a ficus tree at 10ft height in a suburban neighborhood. there is a fruit tree and vegetable farm a half mile away. i live in peoria arizona, where the summers are very hot and dry

please let me know thanks

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Thanks for reaching out! Kestrels do nest in the greater Phoenix area, and we've had many partners report successful nesting in boxes in suburban neighborhoods, so there's certainly a chance you'll attract a pair. Your specific odds will depend on a number of factors—generally, the more nearby open space and the less human activity around, the better—but at least one kestrel pair successfully nested in downtown Chicago last year, so anything's possible. Just be aware that kestrels often don't occupy new boxes until 2–3 years after they've been installed, so don't be too discouraged if you don't have any tenants in 2022.

If you're interested in more specific local info, check out this map of kestrel sightings during the breeding season in the Peoria area. This might give you a better sense of exactly what kestrel distribution looks like in your region, and what your odds of luring a pair might be.

Regardless, we hope you'll consider registering your new box and submitting your observations to our database. Data from empty boxes are just as valuable as data from occupied boxes, if not more so, as they allows us to examine local population trends, why kestrels choose certain boxes over others, and a host of other factors. So even if your box doesn't attract a pair this year, you can still make a huge contribution to our community science effort.

Welcome to the AKP! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

AKP Staff