New kestrel couple?

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Kestrel Friendly
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New kestrel couple?

We saw a couple of adult kestrels in the vicinity of our property and have visited the kestrel box today too. 

We're not sure if they were the ones who had a brood here or new guys?

Tim & Shiela 

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We'd have expected the birds that nested in your yard to have headed south by this point in the season (especially given that you'd gone quite a while without seeing them), which would likely mean that these birds are migrants from further north. Our researchers have found evidence of American Kestrels (and other birds) using nest boxes as roost sites during the winter months, so it's possible these birds were checking out the box as a roost for the night. But all of this is speculation, of course - without being able to conclusively identify these individuals, there's no way for us to know for sure.

It just goes to demonstrate the importance of banding birds and using tracking devices when it comes to determining movement patterns! Hopefully now that you have the connection with CARRI they can perhaps come out early enough to band the adults as well as the nestlings at your box next year.

AKP Staff

Kestrel Friendly
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Fingers crossed we get to do that again. Scott said he can come when eggs have been laid to band the parents.