MOTUS tagging?

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MOTUS tagging?


I'm wondering if anyone is doing Motus tagging within the kestrel partnership project.


It's something we're interested in doing and I was wondering if people have gone through the permitting process and if there was already a baseline of data for tracking kestrels through the Motus system. We're based in the US- Illinois. 



Sadie D

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Hi Sadie -

According to data on the Motus website, it looks like 7 projects have deployed a total of 131 Motus tags on American Kestrels so far: Audubon Minnesota (MN), Hawk Mountain Sanctuary (PA), MPG Ranch (MT), NYC Audubon (NY), Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute's Project Meadowlark (VA), Duke Farms (NJ), and a multi-institution team in New Hampshire/Massachusetts. At least one of these is an active AKP partner, and we've worked closely with several others. We'd be happy to put you in touch with the contacts we have with these organizations—just send us an email at and we'll connect you.

For anyone encountering this thread who might be interested, a great deal of Motus data can be freely explored at the Motus website, including deployed tags and detections, locations of Motus stations, and tracks for animals with detections at multiple stations. A tagged kestrel was pinged by a Motus tower as recently as yesterday. Check out more here:

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