Kestrel pair at nest box

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Kestrel pair at nest box

This is year two for the Kestrel nest boxes I have built and there was no nestbox use the first year. In the past two weeks there has been a Kestrel pair that have claimed the territory containing two nest boxes. I have seen them copulating next to both of the boxes and seen both the male and female perch on the front of the boxes, visit the interior, and perch on top. It has been great to watch their courtship behavior as they pair bond and decide which box to use. One of the best things is these boxes are next to an office with many employees and they have a first hand view of Kestrel behavior. I am having a blast talking to people about Kestrels and explaining what is going on. 

Even though the boxes were not used by Kestrels last year, there were several Kestrels hunting in the area during both the summer and fall. I think that this is when the Kestrels discovered both the boxes and territory and brought them back this year. I also built these boxes out of native ponderosa pine that is rough and a full 1" thick. They made strong boxes and I improved on the box plan from last year. 

I am very excited that Kestrels that have claimed the territory around both boxes and I am waiting to see which one they select. 

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Sounds great! It is probably a good thing my office does not enable a view where I could put up a nest box, or I'd never get anything done! Haha.

I have to be satisfied with my nest box at home, although it means I can't see them during the week.