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Nu-Sun Cinema
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Hi All,  Sad news from our research area. One of our male fledges had some wing problems.

We captured him on July 17/2021 and took him to a rehab center. He was given great care.

Unfortunately on July 20/2021 he passed. He will be fondly remembered.

You can see some information here at the bottom of the page,

We are currently working on the paper work to get his body back and bury him where he was born.

On another note, because of the weather changes in north America several nestlings have been suffering from the heat.

Here is an story you all should read.

Link to

All have a safe day,

Nu-Sun Cinema  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Hi Nu-Sun:

We're very sorry to hear this. It's always tough to lose a nestling you've watched grow up. We're happy you gave him the best possible chance at recovery, and that he passed safe and cared for.

We understand your desire to get the body back and bury it, but we do have to point out that Hawk Mountain Sanctuary in Pennsylvania is running a study on the effects of agricultural contaminants on American Kestrels and may be interested in recovering the body for their research. They can be contacted at More on their study can be found in our Winter 2021 newsletter.

Thank you also for sharing this article. It's unsurprising news for sure, but it's good to have solid evidence of how the ongoing climate crisis is affecting kestrels and other birds of prey.

Our condolences again for your loss.

AKP Staff

Nu-Sun Cinema
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Thanks Matthew,

Our biologists, scientist, researchers are going to do an autopsy on the fledge and they will be doing some tests.
We do appreciate the offer and are always looking for links to further our education on these beautiful birds.
We are hoping to do more educational seminars in 2022, hopefully with a in person live audience as long as our covid restrictions are lifted.

Have a nice day,

Nu-Sun Cinema   Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.