How does one join a group?

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How does one join a group?

I live in the Sacramento Delta, have installed a (among others) kestrel nest box. Currently occupied by wood duck hen. Have sighted kestrels here, but sporadically. Would like to join a group, but having trouble figuring how to go about this. Tom

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Hi Tom -

Thanks for reaching out! AKP groups are intended for teams of folks working together to monitor a network of multiple kestrel boxes. Groups allow for multiple folks to enter observations from the same box, for team leaders to see the observation data from all of the group's boxes (not just the ones they monitor personally), and other features. For folks who install and monitor their own box(es) independently (which it looks like you are?), joining a group on the AKP website is neither necessary nor beneficial.

If you're just looking to meet other kestrel folks in your region, this post is a good start! There are no active AKP groups in your area, but there are a few active partners—one has a single box near Stockton, two others have a few boxes north of Sacramento, and another has a small network around Mt. Diablo. Hopefully one of them sees this post and reaches out.

We hope that helps! If not, let us know and we'll be happy to provide more information. And last but not least—welcome to the American Kestrel Partnership! We're thrilled to have you with us.

AKP Staff