Heat Wave Concerns!!

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Heat Wave Concerns!!

I'm very concerned about the upcoming record-breaking heat-wave expected for the next 7+ days here in the Pacific NW and West! Our nest box is shaded from noon on, but the air temps will be 100+. Will this kill our very young chicks?

Nu-Sun Cinema
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Hi Earthbourne,

Yes it will be tough on the nestlings but the female and male Kestrel will help to keep them cooler.

We have had many days of such hot weather over the years and have never had an issue, so far.

Our banding is today June 25/2021.  We are doing the banding in the early morning to reduce stress on the nestling's because of the afternoon heat.

Have a good day,

Nu-Sun Cinema  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Thank you Nu-Sun. That makes me feel a little better. The worst day will be Tuesday with 112*F or more. We're expecting 10 days in a row at 100+, which is unpresedented.

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As Nu-Sun said, kestrels are pretty hardy and can withstand surprisingly hot temperatures. With your box being shaded during the hottest parts of the day, this heat is certainly a concern, but far from a guaranteed death sentence for the nestlings in your box. We'll keep our fingers crossed they do ok.

We'll be very interested in seeing the effects of this heat wave on kestrel nests in the Northwest, so we strongly encourage everyone with a kestrel box the area to continue monitoring your box and reporting your data—or starting to monitor and report your data if you haven't been already.

AKP Staff