Data entry and management instructions

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Data entry and management instructions

We are working to add instructions at the bottom of each app. Until that is complete, you may download the data entry and management instructions in PDF format:


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Just wondering if anyone is interested in what is likely a very dependable migratory kestral that returns each fall to the Cypress Creek area of NW Harris County Texas (NW of Houston).  I've been photographing for the past 6 years and I'm very sure this is the same bird returning every year to this same location.

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Thanks for reaching out about this bird! The American Kestrel Partnership works with the University of North Texas to conduct research on wintering kestrels at two sites in Texas, but neither research area is near your location. (One is centered around Denton County near Dallas, the other in Gillespie County near Fredericksburg.) That said, one of our partners may be doing similar research in the Houston area, or know of someone who is, so if so we encourage them to reach out to you.

A question for you: we're always looking for photos to use in our printed materials and on our social media accounts. If you've been photographing this bird for six years we're guessing you've got some good ones—would you be willing to share any with us? We'd credit you any time they were used.

Thanks again!

AKP Staff