Bird House Spacing

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Bird House Spacing

A kestral box was located in the Prime DeserT Woodlands in Lancaster Ca.  Nestin pair occupied the box in March and just this week 5 fledgelings emarged form the box and are now testing their wings  - I plann on building other more kestral bird boxes for the preserve   -- I need to know how far these boxes need to be spaced - ??

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Hi,  We can tell you the Kestrels teritory around their nest boxes is about 4-6 sq. klms.  Our 2 nest boxes are about 100 feet apart and our experiances show that once ma & pa Kestrel move into either nest box they will protect both as there own. Our nest boxes have been in use for 8 years and we never had had 2 families. Hope this helps. Whatch our HD LIVE STREAM link to    Have a nice day, Nu-Sun Cinema, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.