Banded kestrel in southern Maryland

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Banded kestrel in southern Maryland

One of my volunteers spotted a banded male kestrel in St Mary's County MD last weekend. It is very likely it is not one of my birds since I only banded kestrels Jan-Mar in 2019 in Calvert County. I attempted to trap it on Sunday and Tuesday but no sucsess. The male made passes at the trap but would not land on it. There were a lot of grasshoppers in the field and no decent perch close to where i could put the trap. We were able to catch an unbande HY female that was hanging around the same area though so we were able to band her. I'd really like to catch the banded male but my work schedule is tigght this week and the bird is about an hour away. Just thought it would be fun to share the sighting of a banded kestrel.  We weren't able to get any decent photos of the band to attempt to read it.

Unfortunately out of the 15 kestrels i banded early this year I have not received any returns.  Looking forward to trapping again this January!