General Discussion : Starlings and Territory range

Hello, our center has started our pilot year of box monitoring.

We had a couple question:

1. How do you combat starlings trying to nest in the box

2. What is the typical territory range for kestrels.

Thanks for any info you can pass on!



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Hi, we have been studying American Kestrels about 8 years. The territory ranges from about 4 to 5 kilometers but kestrels will protect their nesting site very agresively. Now the starlings are an issue we have encontered ourselves and found the kestrels have taken care of the situation on their own. The worst thing the starlings may remove wood chips and replace them with grasses. One year we had this problem and just kept on removing the grasses and adding more wood chips. Once our kestrels took over the starlings stayed away. We have been member of AKP several years and supplied data and feather samples for DNA testing. We also host a  HD Live stream evey year and you are welcome to our KESTRE KORNER which supplies many useful information.  Link to           

Thank you and have a nice day, Nu-Sun Cinema Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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