General Discussion : Question on Kestrel Nest Boxes

I am using the American Kestrel Nest Box Plan as designed by Art Gingert.

In the nest box instructions Art suggests using rough one side AWP. I have located this lumber at the local Home Depot. This lumber has a grooved finish on one side and a smooth finish on the other side. When you make the 15° angle cut that separates the fixed and hinged sides you end up with a problem. Assuming you make your cut with the grooved side up your outcome will be a fixed side with the grooves showing on the exterior of the box and the hinged side will have the grooved sides on the box interior. 

I would appreciate some feedback on this. Perhaps I am misinterpreting the plans. 



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You are correct though it will not matter to the birds, so I would just go ahead and use this plans as this just allows you to use one piece of wood. This year I modified my nest boxes by using 1x12 for the back, front, and top as your plans show. This provides a bigger nest box and more room for the young as they grow. I have also discovered that my new boxes are used be kestrels more on the second year they are in place, I think the Kestrels find them during the late summer/Fall as they disperse. Hope that helps and best of luck and I hope your boxes are used by Kestrels. ~ G

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