General Discussion : Pair of Kestrels in my backyard

Hi, I am new to the group and new to Kestrels.  I live on 3 acres outside of Ashland, OH with an open large backyard, lined with dead trees.  We have a chicken coop on the edge of the yard and yesterday I noticed the cutest bird on top.  After getting a better view with the binoculers and researching small birds of prey in Ohio, I found the Kestrels.  She was alone at first, then minutes later was joined by a beautiful male.  They seem to have a home in the tree above, and we saw them mating this morning, in the tall branches.  There is a birds nest in the soffet of the chicken house, so they spend alot of time sitting there staking it out, and I have seen the male trying to get in the nest at maybe eggs? or chicks? It is fascinating to watch him.  I am hooked, they are wonderful.  


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Hi & welcome,  The Kestrels are always interesting to watch. We have been with the AKP for several years and have supplied data & feather samples. You are welcome to watch our LIVE STREAM and brouse our KESTREL KORNER PAGE on our web site link to

Have a great day, Nu-Sun Cinema, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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