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I'm new to this but I put up a box a couple years ago. I noticed the Kestrels in the area for years and read an article on making the box.  After starlings for 2 years I was going to take it down this spring when I noticed what I thought was a Kestrel come out. I watched and confirmed it was indeed a pair wanting it and they drove the starlings out. On may 10th first egg laid and on till the 17th when the final 5th egg. I believe hatching started then but here it is june 20th, 33 days and no hatchlings yet. I have an endiscope camera installed in the top so I have been able to monitor daily fom inside. My question is are these eggs all not going to hatch considering the time passed? If so at some point should I remove them so maybe they would start a second clutch?

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Starlings are known to remove wood chips.  If that happened, and the eggs are resting on the wooden floor, there's a good chance they will not hatch.

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The starlings did remove the chips I had put in there. The box directions I followed mentioned them but said they were an option so I didn't replace seeing the straw in there. I guess that was a big mistake on my part. Thank you, Bill

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