General Discussion : Delaware Symposium, simple nest-check camera

What a great weekend of information sharing, meeting folks and learning new stuff about kestrel box monitoring. Thanks again to Chris and Sarah. 

There was a lot of talk about pole cameras for checking nests. GoPro cameras seemed to be popular so I was all set to get a knock-off model this morning, when I realized I didn't need to spend that $$. I picked up my old point and shoot digital camera, which is less than 3" tall and went to work on a mount. I like to keep random pieces of wood and metal around for just such projects. A couple hours later I had a pretty nifty set up. Pipe clamp 1" aluminum rod to pole, bend it and bolt it to the thin piece of wood. Small angle aluminum stop and velcro strap hold the camera in place. Also used a piece of an old bike innertube around the end of the wood to help keep the camera from slipping off the end. It even holds my iPhone 4S. See attached pics. Total width with velcro was 2.75". Camera has a shutter delay function as well as video. 

Just posting this to show that you might not need to spend much extra $$ on a pole camera system. I know a lot of us are on limited budgets. 


Zach Smith

High Falls, NY. 






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Hey Zach,

So great to see you there and glad to hear that it has you thinking. Great idea to use those old digital cameras! Thanks for posting your ideas here. 


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