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Hello! Welcome to the 2018 KestrelCam season!

We're back with an upgraded outside camera courtesy of Bosch, and streaming again on Youtube. If you notice a problem with streaming, try refreshing the page and restarting the streams. If you have technical issues or any other kind of issue, please use the contact staff link to get assistance. Please feel free to report any spam or disrespect to AKP staff.

Remember to be respectful and courteous to other viewers, and enjoy the show!

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Jill from MN's picture

Those fabulous Canadian Kestrel Kids are getting bigger.   They still huddle together and are mostly fluffy except for strong little legs, wings, necks and hungry little beaks.

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Hi All, Just a few frames from our nest box stream. To watch our LIVE HD STREAM link to

Have a nice day, Nu-Sun Cinema

Jill from MN's picture

Gorgeous Canadian Kestrel Kids are getting to the elegant stage.  Won't be long until we can tell the males from the females!

Jill from MN's picture

Hi, there - are all the Canadian Kestrel Kids males?   It's getting crowded to see their little tails, but the big solid line is all I can see on the ones I do see.


PS:  Great looking birds! 

Nu-Sun Cinema's picture

Hi Jill, We have been having a hard time ourselves determining the sex of the nestlings. I think waiting and letting more feather development happen is the solution. We hate to hazard a guess at this time ourselves. Have a good day, Nu-Sun Cinema

Nu-Sun Cinema's picture

We are nearing fledge. Have a last look at our HD LIVE STREAM link to

Enjoy, Nu-Sun Cinema


Nu-Sun Cinema's picture

Hi all, We have 3 male & 2 female Kestrtel nestlings and they are soon to fledge.

Link to to watch. We have been filming the nestlings in the door, here is our set up. Nu-Sun Cinema

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Hi all, As of June 29/2018 all 5 nestlings have fledged. (3 males & 2 females.)

Thanks for watching our HD LIVE STREAM. Nu-Sun Cinema

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