AKP Kestrel Boxes in Eastern Iowa?

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AKP Kestrel Boxes in Eastern Iowa?


I am looking for anyone active with the AKP in eastern Iowa.  Looking on the map, it appears there are only a few boxes in Iowa, so I'm guessing whoever is monitoring those boxes is doing it on their own.

I am a high school industrial technology teacher and I would love to partner with someone to provide kestrel boxes for the AKP.  There may be an opportunity to install, if I can assemble a group of interested students.

Please leave a note and I will be in touch.

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Thanks for reaching out! The closest AKP partner to your location is going to be mbowman; he has two registered boxes west of Iowa City. We believe he's part of the Iowa City Bird Club, and they were potentially going to be expanding their network last we spoke to them, though it's been a little while and we're not sure of their current plans. Another option a little further away would be AKP partner PCCVolunteers; they're northeast of Des Moines, but have a larger network and might be interested in adding boxes.

You could try reaching out to both of them through the links above. If not, perhaps someone further afield could arrange shipping—we have over 150 active partners, so we're sure at least a few need to replace aging boxes or want to install new ones. If anyone fits that description, we encourage them to reach out here.

Welcome to the American Kestrel Partnership, and thank you for the offer! Let us know if you have any further questions.

AKP Staff

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Thank you!