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Post to support nest box

We built some boxes according to the blueprint on this site (Art Gingert plan), and were able to place two on preexisting poles.

Next, we will need to install poles in some locations.  What would be a minimal sized (diameter) pole to support the box at a nine-foot height (from the ground)?  How deeply would it need to be buried?

The sights are in two pastures in east-central Iowa.


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Those are tough questions to definitively answer, as it depends on everything from box weight to soil density to prevailing wind speed and direction to the material of the pole. Usually burying the pole about 2-3 ft underground will do the trick, but you may need to modify this depending on the above factors. Pole diameter is even trickier, and hopefully some other partners can chime in with what they've had success with. Generally, the sturdier the better for obvious reasons, but how easy a pole is to work with is of course also a factor.

To see one design an AKP partner is currently using, check out this forum post, which features a telescoping pole design for lowering the box to simplify between-season cleanings. And here's another AKP partner's design that features a hinged system to lower the box to the ground for the same purpose. These are of course just two of many, many possibilities out there, so again, we hope some other partners are able to chime in with their findings.

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