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Nu-Sun Cinema
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Hi All,

Our 2021 Kestrel season has officially arrived. On March 22/2021 male Kestrel arrived at 3:15pm CT.

He proceeded to enter both our nest boxes and stayed in near by trees until night fall.

We wish to invite all to view our 2021 report page for updates and when first egg is laid our 2 camera HD live stream.

Link to   for updates.

We will will be doing a zoom presentation for our local zoo this year in hoping to educate the public on the American Kestrel Falcon.

Thank you and have a nice day,

Nu-Sun Cinema, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

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Exciting stuff! We're looking forward to seeing how your season unfolds. Thanks as always for sharing your photos - love the indignant look on this bird's face here :)

AKP Staff

Kestrel Friendly
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Congratulations on your new arrival! We're big fans of your livestream. We had our first box last year sans indoor camera, and only used a pole cam to check on our brood. We suggested your website to family and friends.